Crown wheel and pinion

A crown wheel is a wheel with cogs or teeth set at right angles and the pinion is a small cogwheel that ensure proper fitting and maintains forward motion.

ICHIBAN® Crown Wheel and Pinion is made under the strictest procedures of quality control. They are checked thoroughly following OEM specifications and technical recommendations.

ICHIBAN® Crown wheel and pinion provides:

  • Heat distortion control
  • High strength
  • Wear resistance
  • Noiseless
  • No vibration

Cardan "U" joint

A Cardan Shaft, located in the transmission system of many vehicles, transmit elevated powers between its joints. Its power is transferred at larger angles than traditional flexible couplings.

Two joints are constrained to remain perpendicular to each other at all times, allowing rotary motion.

ICHIBAN® Universal Joints are made under strict quality control supervision.