ICHIMAX® Ceramic and Graphitech brake pads

New technology

Committing with the world and the environment, ICHIBAN® presents ICHIMAX® Ceramic with multiple vehicle brands applications. Ceramic has exceptional wearing resistance properties that guarantee an efficient, smooth and uniform braking in all type of climate and conditions.

Thanks to its asbestos free friction material quality components, ICHIMAX® Ceramic offers thermal dissipation, and cleanliness properties. ICHIMAX® EXCLUSIVE CERAMIC properties contribute to braking EFFICIENCY.

If what you need is a MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY in each braking, do not accept less than you deserve, install ICHIMAX® Ceramic and pay less for a product developed to protect your life, your family and your investment.

Cleaner, colder and more silent technology, but above all efficient.

ICHIBAN® brake shoes

New applications

ICHIBAN® complements their Brake Shoe line with new applications:

  • Chevrolet Alto, Corsa
  • Hyundai Starex
  • Mazda Titan T45
  • Isuzu NKR

The perfect complement for your vehicle braking system.

How To Change Your Brake Pads


Nothing is more important than your car's ability to stop itself.

Even race car drivers will tell you that a car's braking capacity takes precedence over its acceleration. Putting a car through a wall is not nearly as much fun as touching the brakes slightly, banking into a turn, and scooting out the other side.

But braking systems often fail us, usually from our own neglect. In the case of braking, it's essential that we maintain optimum friction pad depth to insure maximum performance of the braking system. In layman's terms: change your brake pads!

There are two ways to determine whether the pads need replacing:

First, visually. If the pad depth is less than ¼ inch, plan on replacing it soon. If it's less than 1/8 inch, you're getting close to damaging the rotor, so do it ASAP. This varies slightly from car to car, but is a good general guideline.

Second, by ear. They build these little noisemaking shims into the brake assembly to tell you when the pads need changing. Are you hearing a screeching sound when you apply the brakes, like a mouse trying to escape? You're overdue for a reline. (If the sound is more a scrape-y metal rasp, you've already damaged your rotors and need to fix the brakes immediately.)


By Scott Memmer (