The brake is an important safety device. In ICHIBAN®, the friction material is an essential part in brake and clutch devices. ICHIBAN® Friction line is conformed by brake pads, brake shoes (front and rear). It is developed under high-end braking technology that exceeds all other performance and quality on today’s market.

ICHIBAN® is developed by fulfilling global standards and quality tests such SAE J 661 Semi metallic Product Class F, SAE J 661 Graphite Product Class E and, OEM TS-16949. Above and beyond quality controls to guarantee the maximum performance, ICHIBAN® Friction premium quality provides the perfect harmony between safety and the environment. ICHIBAN® grants a smooth performance and an immediate response from a sudden stop.

ICHIBAN® Brake Pads are divided in 3 big groups: Asbestos-Free Semi-Metallic, Graphite, and Ceramic. ICHIMAX® Graphite offers great performance within public service and passenger transportation. ICHIMAX® Ceramic, is the optimal answer for brakes, when responsibility, safety and environment require it.

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ICHIBAN® experience and technology provide confidence, performance, durability, and price.

ICHIBAN® is in total disposition to attend the market needs with great quality and price. By OEM standards we guarantee homogeneous criteria in any country.

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