Due to an excellent load displacement, ICHIBAN® Clutches are very trustworthy. We have adopted advanced innovative processes for manufacturing superior quality products. In the conduction process the speed change is smooth and progressive without any type of difficulty.

ICHIBAN® Clutches have three main components. The clutch disc connects with the transmission. It transfers the power from the engine via the flywheel to the transmission. The clutch discs are in constant use under extreme tensions. It is located between the flywheel and the pressure plate. The release bearing is what moves the disc on and off the pressure plate as the clutch pedal is operated. The clutch components are inevitably worn away. When this happens it is advisable to replace all 3 components of the clutch system.

The complete clutch kit will save time, money and prevents other components from wearing down, which may cause that your vehicle to give less than 100%. ICHIBAN® Clutch Kit is the higher quality solution you were waiting.

Pressure plate

The clutch pressure plate creates a friction system and its force amount depends on the friction between the flywheel and the clutch plate, also on how much force the spring puts on the pressure plate.

There are two types of clutch mechanisms. Both have a pressure plate and housing, and depending on its type is driven by springs or a diaphragm.

A Pressure Plate

is a steel disc with a circular crown form. On one side faces the housing, through springs or the diaphragm and on the other side the clutch disc. ICHIBAN® maintains strict control on the measures, of both sides, following the global standards in each application.

The housing

Serves as a clutch cover mechanism, attached to the inertia flywheel (by means of screws). According to the model we have the ones with springs or diaphragm, and the ones with drive handle.

The diaphragm

Realizes the necessary effort to imprison the clutch disc between the flywheel and the pressure plate. At the moment, the spring system has been replaced by the diaphragm system. The diaphragm is constituted by a steel disc, with conical form, in which you find radial cuts, whose elasticity causes the necessary pressure to maintain the pressure plate against the clutch disc.

When practicing these cuts, the disc is internally divided in several elastic fingers that exert the function of the drive handle studied in the clutches with springs.

Clutch disc

ICHIBAN® clutch disc are made following OEM standards. The good quality and low price make Ichiban the solution when repairing the clutch. Usually, the clutch discs are in constant use and put under extreme tensions.

The clutch components are inevitably worn away, so a regular maintenance is necessary to obtain the efficiency and reduce brake disc wearing and avoid the vehicle traction system malfunctioning. If it is not rectified quickly, the clutch will warmed up quickly and therefore the brake pads will be overheated and vitrified causing the clutch friction properties to be completely loss, a possible disc deformation, and lastly the springs will lose elasticity. The outcome will be revision or possible substitution of the clutch discs.

The clutch disc connects or disconnects the engine power to the transmission. If a damage clutch disc has been used continuously, it will damage the clutch cover and the steering wheel as well, and a complete replacement of the entire clutch system will be needed.