About Us

Our brand

Our brand is highly specialized in bearings, friction, clutch and transmission for all type of vehicles. We have years of experience in Japanese technology. Our product challenges the world climates and geography.
ICHIBAN® is high quality products at the right price. Following Global Standards, ICHIBAN® is designed to satisfy our clients present and future needs in diverse sectors. We say, CHOOSE RIGHT- CHOOSE ICHIBAN®, with total security. We have invested all the technology and knowledge to provide efficiency, safety, and durability aiming to surpass your expectations.

Our mission

Our mission is to satisfy the market needs. Our distributer’s network maintains a great list of applications, services, and technical support in the automotive field.

We are compromised to improve and look for the efficiency in commercialization processes to offer superior products at all times.

ICHIBAN® is the perfect harmony between safety and the environment.